• Optical Solution Partner
  • SD Optics 致力于研发制造超高速可变焦3D视觉系统(WiseScope)
  • SD Optics 致力于研发制造超高速可变焦33D视觉系统(WiseScope)在各种视觉外观检测领域具有丰富的研发制造经验 可提供最佳解决方案,满足客户不同的需求
  • High-Speed
  • WiseScope 是一种具有超高速可变焦功能的视觉检测系统
  • WiseScope 是一种具有超高速可变焦功能的视觉检测系统运行速度与领先技术已得到全世界的认可
  • SD Optics 成功研发制造外观检测系统
    外观检测系统融合了 WiseScope 技术与最佳检测解决方案
  • SD Optics 成功研发制造外观检测系统 外观检测系统融合了WiseScope 技术与最佳检测解决方案可消除不同操作人员间存在的判定偏差,保证产品质量的稳定性

事 业 领 域

SD Optics 通过对自主研发技术 WiseScope(MALS™) 的持续研发和应用拓展致力于研发制造新一代视觉检测系统,为客户提供最佳视觉检测解决方案.

SD Optics 通过对自主研发技术术WiseScope(MALS™)的持续研发和应用拓展致力于研发制造新一代视觉检测系统为客户提供最佳视觉检测解决方案

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  • 22.12.02

       SD Optics will particiapte in Photonics West 2023 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, USA for (2023/1/31 ~ 2023/2/3).Visitors are welcomed to join us at booth #4128.     

  • 21.05.12

    Paul Gaston of Zeiss on MTD CNC* introduces Zeiss's latest microscope (Visioner 1) as the greatest invention of all time.
    Shall we find out why?
    Visioner 1 supports real-time all-in-focus images, unlike conventional microscopes. MALS™, a unique technology, enables real-time Extended Depth of Field (EDoF) and real-time 3D image generation without extra Z-Stack and series of image post-processing. These techniques significantly reduce fatigue from repeated and precise measurements as well as increase accuracy.
    The world's first Visioner 1, introduced by Zeiss, is leading innovation in optical inspection and documentation systems, not only in the traditional manufacturing industry, but also in battlefield and aviation. We look forward to expanding our role in the oil, gas and medical industry's testing process.      *MTD CNC is an engineering platform established in the UK that provides reliable precision engineering news and networks.   ▶ Go to see the video in full:'  

  • 20.11.05

    Zeiss Visioner 1 digital microscope uses SD Optics' Micro-mirror Array Lens System (MALS) technology to achieve digitally-extended depth of focus up to 69mm:
    "ZEISS Visioner 1 revolutionizes the world of optical inspection and documentation. Driven by the unique Micro-mirror Array Lens System (MALSTM technology), enables for the first time, real-time all-in-focus imaging – first time, every time.
    Using a micro-mirror array lens system (MALS™) enables us to generate “virtual” lenses with distinctly different curvatures, thus different focus planes. This is achieved by changing the orientation of each individual micro-mirror in an orchestrated way.
    Re-shaping the curvature of this “virtual” lens at speed enables ultra-fast focusing and real-time all-in focus imaging and documentation."
    Up to 100x more usable Extended Depth of Field Allows for height differences of up to 69mm* Reflective micro-mirror array with curvatures (variable) arranged in a flat plane Each micro-mirror is about 100x100 µm Each micro-mirror rotates & translates to form the optical surfaces with variable curvatures No need for Z-stacking or re-focusing        Source: "Image Sensor World" Go to the News URL:




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