SD Optics Develops 3D Line Scanner to Test Semiconductor and Display Defects in 3D
Date : 2023.03.09

Equipment that can quickly detect defects by inspecting semiconductor and display material components in three dimensions (D) has been developed.

SD OPTICS (SD OPTICS) has released a 3D line scanner that performs 3D inspection in real time.The scanner utilizes the "High-Speed Variable Focus Device (MALS)" technology developed independently by SD Optics and supplied to the German Zeiss electron microscope.

It is possible to quickly inspect a subject with a height (step) and obtain a high-definition 3D image.

Typical 3D scanners are divided into area (area) inspection and line inspection methods.

When looking closely at narrow areas, area inspection is performed, and line inspection is performed for inspection of semiconductor chips and display panels.

Line inspection is a method of moving the inspection line to scan the entire object, similar to a copier moving a light line and scanning it.

Line inspection is easy to obtain a 2D (2D) image, but 3D image acquisition has high technical difficulty. 

This is because the focus of the scanner camera lens needs to be readjusted due to different subject heights.

Whenever the inspection line moves, the focus must be renewed.

There are 3D line scanners that can be scanned with some automatic focus, but it takes a long time and the image is not clear because an actuator or motor is used to move the lens.

Even this depends on foreign products.

SD Optics solved this problem with a high-speed variable focus element.

An element is a kind of digital lens. It is made of micro-precision mechanical technology (MEMS) and is smaller than 1cm, but contains 8,000 ultra-fine mirrors inside. 

It moves ultra-fine mirrors through voltage and controls the angle of light to focus in real time.It is similar to focusing the lens of the human eye with a different shape.

SD Optics is the only company that has secured this technology.

Using a high-speed variable focus element, it is possible to automatically focus according to the height of the subject when the inspection line of the 3D line scanner moves.

It obtains 3D images in real time according to the speed of movement of the inspection line.

By utilizing 3D inspection software developed by SD Optics, various data such as subject height can also be quantified.

SD Optics is set to supply 3D line scanners. 

Currently, it is discussing with customers to apply it to semiconductor, display, and PCB inspection lines.

Seo Chung-soo the CEO of SD Optics said, "The speed of inspecting semiconductor wafers and display panels is so fast that not only samples but also full inspection is possible," adding, "We plan to diversify our product portfolio using high-speed variable focus devices such as 3D line scanners."


It is possible to quickly inspect a subject with a height and obtain a high-definition 3D image.

Researchers are inspecting parts with 3D line scanners at SDIoptics in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, on the 23rd.Hwaseong = Reporter Park Ji-ho>

Issued Date: 2023.02.26


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